Helping Wombats with mange.

Wombats affected by Mange will die without your help.

The good news is that we can treat mange if we catch it early enough. That’s where you  can help.

You can help fight Wombat mange by;

  1. Reporting sightings of Wombats with mange,
  2. Becoming a volunteer to work in small teams to learn how to treat Wombat mange and going on field trips to treat manged wombats,
  3. Volunteer to support the team through working with a coordinator to receive reports, organise response, help with things like newsletters, email and websites,
  4. Volunteer, as a Citizen Scientist, to help collect data on manged wombats.
  5. Donate to fund the fight against Wombat Mange


How to Help 1


By working alongside specialists and community experts to monitor the health and treat these free-living marsupials.

The wombats can treat themselves. Every time they leave and enter their warrens, they brush under special flaps that release an ointment. Once treated, Wombats they are less likely to be reinfested.

How to Help 2

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can help, just an hour at home on emails, recording and processing sightings, and learning how to treat Wombats in the field. If you are doing field work must be sufficently mature  with medium fitness. You’ll walk in pastures, in bush, in open country, along creek lines, riverbanks, cliff edges and in steep and sometimes thickly vegetated rough terrain, in all weather.